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Help me design the Game of Love! Make Monstress history!

I am working on the next big Monstress product: the Game of Love. Right now, it is in board game form. I have decided that I will try to tap the power of crowdsourcing, just as I did with Here & Now. I will send out prototypes of this game to anyone who cares to try it out and will then adjust the design according to the feedback I receive.

The way I used to work went like this: I would get an idea, run off to my studio for a few months to perfect it in secret, then spring it on the world. The work was cute, idiosyncratic… it was okay, I am proud of it. I want to push myself past my own limits, I want to make something that could truly reach a mass audience. Some will say I risk losing that special touch of personality, but I don’t think so, not if I approach the process the right way. 

So I am looking for some testers. I will be testing the current version out in LA this fall, but I want as many people looking at it as possible. If you are interested, just email me and I will send you a copy via post.

Why mess with my process now?

I make work that examines the nature of persuasive design. I think I can add a layer of meaning by also following the production cycle I learned while working in the advertising industry, it may lend more credence to the final work and may improve the quality of the overall product. I am tired of only making art for my friends–I love you all, but there is no way I’d ever make my living sending you valentines. I want my art to get out there, make a difference! So this is what I am doing to make that happen.

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I am Libby Clarke, an artist, designer and educator living in Brooklyn, New York. I operate under the name Monstress, which actually started out as my zine label in 1997. Since then, it has grown to encompass all my efforts.

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