So after the drama of last week, my friend Nina mentioned that maybe, just maybe, I would feel better if I did something for someone else. What a concept! In my turmoil, I absolutely forgot that there are other people  out in the world, perhaps in need of some help. 

Here are some resources to help find opportunities for service:

New York Cares

The 7 Best Places To Volunteer In NYC

 There are measurable benefits for people who do service, actually. Or, at least, there seems to be:

Is Altruism Good for the Altruistic Giver?

For myself, I have to say that altruistic acts are the direct opposite of and cure for unmitigated self-absorption. It breaks the spell instantly, frees me from my fascination with myself, and humbles me back into sane behavior. So I am looking around my community and looking for opportunities to help my fellow man, no matter how menial the task at hand. I’ll let you know what I find.